Members Add Events

This page describes how to become a Member of this Website, and how to use the Standard Google Add Event Form for Calendars.

To use this method, you must join the Authorised Members Google Group. You join that group, and you can post your own events on this website. The first time you add an event, Google will ask you to log in. You will need a Google Account.  You can use your non Google email to setup a Google Account, or you can use your own Google or Gmail Account, or set up a new Gmail Account.  See more below.

Add an Event to Global Webinars, Teleseminars and Radio Talks

Just click on the Time Zone and enter the information in Google's Standard Add Event Page.





To add Events this way, you essentially need a Gmail Account.  They are free and easy to get. This also will give you your own Google Calendar which you then add the Calendars listed below. And you need to become a member of the Enlightening Activites Google Group so that you can have update access to the Calendars.

You will need to add this calendar to their own calendar by following these steps:

You can then add events to the calendars directly through using your own Google calendar.


Once you have a Gmail Account, you can send invitations to from your Gmail account. This adds events to the Teleseminar Calendar. 


To add events to the physical calendar (that is, the one showing real events) send an email invitation to an event with your Gmail account to this address: